Packers fans to see gentle climate for Sunday night’s down against the Lions at Lambeau Field

GREEN Narrows – Football fans can expect gentle climate at Lambeau Field Sunday night.

As per the figure from the U.S. Public Weather conditions Administration in Green Sound, Sunday’s highs during the day will be in the lower 30s with twists around 10 to 15 miles each hour. By Sunday night’s down, the gauge says it ought to be generally clear with lows around 20 and winds around 5 to 10 miles each hour.

Roy Uckberg, a meteorologist with the Public Weather conditions Administration in Green Sound, said the breeze chill ought to be in the upper teenagers during the game. While the temperatures will be a couple of degrees above normal for January, Uckberg expressed fans at Lambeau ought to want to dress comfortably, as it will in any case be cold.

The drive to and from the game ought to be dry, also, with no precipitation in the estimate, Uckberg said. The Public Weather conditions Administration predicts dry circumstances going on during that time with temperatures running above typical into the following week.

The Green Straight Packers play against the Detroit Lions beginning at 7:20 p.m. Sunday.

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